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Stumbling my way to imperfection
Still alive, and still in control of this site.

Even though I never use it anymore, it is an excellent standing reminder of several phases of my life and the many lessons I learned much later than I should have.

I am going to try to give managing this via the mobile interface a shot... I might actually use this space again should it prove to not be a gigantic pain.
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Employment. Doing something I like to do. For a reasonable wage.

Freaking Awesome.

I find out more on Monday.

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So I shell out the last few chunks of change I can spare from the meager funds I have in order to get business cards and a few other branded items so I can start doing some advertising.

Because I cannot afford extravagance, lots of custom detail, or the luxury of express shipping, I get the most minimal I can afford while maximizing the value of what I order. This process takes me a week to complete before I send the order off to the supplier.

14 days later, the first round arrives. It's just the business cards. And they are missing two entire lines of text... the ones that explain what my business name actually is and what it is that I do.

The day after that, the rest of it arrives... all of it messed up in some small but significant way that leaves out some kind of information that I spent time and money on making sure was clear and precise for my order and product.

I made the call today to see about getting it all fixed. After a first paper-thin round of "I'm certain that we shipped exactly what you ordered..." from the CS rep who answered the phone, I pressed on past them to the next level and got confirmation that my order was screwed up.

Fortunately, they are going to fix the screw-up for free and ship me the new batch no charge including the shipping. Unfortunately, it'll be at least another 21 days before I receive the corrected products.

Yet again proving that you certainly do get exactly what you pay for.

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Since people have asked, I am putting out the details for my 2 new businesses so that people can pass the word along and maybe kick some work my way.

Details Behind The Cut...Collapse )

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1: Shawn has gone in for her first check-up after starting the new treatment for her cancer and leukemia problems. Apparently there are 4 major indicators they check first to see if things are working as they should, and her results are showing all extremely positive signs. White blood cell count is lower, red blood cell count is higher, and the two reference points to show that the cancer cells are being affected as expected are in the range they should be.

2: Ripping out the walls at my house earlier this week to gain a few feet of room resulted in quite a bit more work than expected. I found 4 live wires that were left exposed by the installer that needed to be dead-ended or removed outright, and then finally lost my temper and bloody well traced every circuit in the house one at a time using a live wire sniffer. I found a few more issues, not the least of which was an overloaded aluminum feed line running to two separate heavy-load circuits without a ground. I shut everything suspicious down for 3 days until I could re-run the feeds with heavier than necessary and grounded lines all the way back to the breaker box, and put in breakers that are rated for 5 amps lower than the line will handle so that they trip early. Ohm's Law is my friend.

3: Remodeling the front room, which has been all internal work, transformed the front room into what is now essentially a den. We're working out the furniture layout for three rooms all over again since we have reclaimed the dining room for it's intended purpose and now have 2 more feet in the living room. It's actually pretty cool, and makes a lot more sense for the floor plan than the way it was before. Small change = huge difference.

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